Monkman Painting Alarms The Nation!

6 comments on “Monkman Painting Alarms The Nation!
  1. OJM says:

    I’ve heard these native stagettes can get out of hand.

  2. OJM says:

    Obvious rip-off of Norman Rockwell’s “Sodomy Night at the YWCA”.

  3. Nete Peedham says:

    He missed one character to stand with the pearl-clutchers…Erna Paris, Miss Tut-tut from the Globe and Rosedale.

  4. OJM says:

    Psychotic revenge fantasies, we haz em.

  5. phargrav says:

    Brown eye: it’s been 40 years in a place far far away since I heard that expression.

  6. daveS says:

    Monkman’s paintings are detailed and large, typically 11 x 22 feet (3.36m-by-6.7m).

    Now can Frank find and interview the models for the initial photograph segments on which the painting is based?