Get Frank for YOUR minister!


  1. Who leaked that tidbit to the Ottawa Citizen? Shirley they are in breach of some reg or other!

  2. Googling Ottawa Citizen + Military Police bring up links to the 800 word article by David Pugliese.

    ….”The police investigation was hurriedly done just weeks before Vance was to take on the top military job as chief of the defence staff.

    The Canadian Forces National Investigation Service probe took just four weeks to wrap up, concluding there was no “physical evidence” Vance had a relationship contrary to military regulations, according to documents obtained by this newspaper.

    Vance was never interviewed for the investigation and police relied on a statement he provided a year earlier on the same allegation. In addition, a formal investigation plan was never created by the Canadian Forces National Investigation Service for the 2015 probe, according to the records.”

    ….”The CFNIS also conducted an interview with Lt. Gen. Mike Day, who replaced Vance at the Naples headquarters. Day told police Vance’s relationship did not have any real impact on the NATO headquarters, according to the CFNIS report.
    But police later determined that, “Given time, this personal relationship would likely have had a detrimental effect.””….

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