Brian Lilley and Bill Carroll: Ford Friends with Benefits

This week’s Ontario mini-budget triggered massive braünnoses from two of Premier DoFo’s most devoted proctologists: CFRA Radio stiff Bill Carroll and his guest, smart-haired Toronto Sun hack, Brian Lilley.

Billy and Lilley fair tripped over each other’s uvulas on The Morning Rush in their efforts to describe the sheer beauty of Dougie’s program, particularly its $1.6 billion earmark for more pave-baby-pave GTA highway action.

Few know better than Bri’ and Bill that Ford Nation is workin’ hard every day for Ontario’s hard-workin’ everyday families.

Brian, of course, starts every day with an exclusive leg up on his Queens Park colleagues, waking up next to Ivana Yelich, Ford’s executive director of media relations (2020 salary: $101,995) for whom he left the wife and four kids back in Ottawa (Franks passim).

And Bill’s home life got its own taxpayer top-up this summer when his lovely and talented spouse, Sylvie Lapointe, got l’appointed a full-time presiding Justice of the Peace (salary: $157,164), courtesy Ford’s duck-lipped AG, Doug Downey.

For the people! And their wives! And their girlfriends!


  1. The corporate media in this country are collectively more corrupt (bought and paid for) than FOX News and friends down south..

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