So, farewell, then!

As we drain the final lizards of Piss Winterlude 2022, these historic days of love, unity and sporadic arson, we pause to remember the service and sacrifice of the frontline workers of the Union of Satirical Magazine Employees Local 001.

The costs of having already stopped printing my organ just when the book-burners* showed up may be incalculable. But with your support, we shall survive these lost fireside sales/insurance claims and build back Franker.

Even if you’ve really got to leave town, right fucking now (welcome, too, to our new Ottawa-Carleton Detention Centre subscribers! Get Frank monthly, annually, or two-years- less-a-day!**) there’s no reason for us to stop laughing at, not with, each other.

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* Shout out to our diverse single-book and I’m-not-anti-book-per-se readership, too! One Frank!
**Sorry, offer void for non-Canadian citizens/residents, Dean French.

One comment on “So, farewell, then!
  1. daveS says:

    Tiny Asterisks [ * ] are not noticeable. Lets use [1], [2] to see FrankMag Management’s little caveats and excuses for service.

    Bring back Print Frank! Bring back Print Frank!! Bring back Print Fra… ah,…