Happy International Women’s Day from Jeremy MacKenzie!

It’s been one kick in the goolies after another for poor Jeremy MacKenzie (Franks passim.)

Just a year ago the cerebral Diagolon goon got himself arrested for harassing Nova Scotia’s chief medical officer of health, Dr. Robert Strang.

In August the accelerationist nutjob posed for pix with Pierre Poilievre, then took to his podcast to muse about raping Anaida Galindo, the fragrant Mrs. Pepe.

Autumn found Jeremy reposing in a Saskatchewan jail after being picked up on a Canada-wide warrant (the last time Jeremy was in Saskabush he allegedly pummelled his ex-girlfriend, Tiegan Doman, and stuck a gun in the face of his Diagolon 2IC, Bryan Trottier).

When he finally got out of jail, Scotiabank closed his accounts and told him to take his business elsewhere.

February found Jeremy and his latest girlfriend, Morgan Guptill, appearing at a peace bond hearing in Halifax.

Former friend Samantha Monaghan applied for a peace bond because she claimed MacKenzie and Guptill’s harassment was making her suicidal. (Even after Monaghan’s 11-year-old son, Luc, died in November, Guptill kept tormenting her.)

Guptill accused Monaghan, in a series of texts and Facebook posts, of “grifting” for funeral expenses. On Christmas Eve Guptill lambasted her for not having life insurance on Luc, who had a variety of terminal medical conditions from birth.

Guptill also accused Monaghan, a former leader of the Freedom N.S. collective which organized the earliest protests against lockdowns and mask mandates, of stealing from the Freedom Convoy. 

MacKenzie’s ‘Ragecast,’ of Jan 2, 2023, co-hosted by Guptill, ran a crawl along the bottom calling her a “drunk driver and a thief”. 

“I was suicidal because of all the harassment,” Samantha testified.   

Guptill and friends

“I was at my limit, with the death of my child, with everything… I was big in the community, people trusted me and now nobody even talks to me. And that was you guys’s fault,” she added, addressing Jeremy and Morgan directly.

The hearing also introduced a handful of fringe characters inhabiting the Maritime freedom community, including Cindy Macdonald, a disgraced nurse who dispenses drugs and medical advice from a clinic out of her house near Fredericton.

Morgan urged Samantha to take Luc to see Macdonald, a prominent member of the the anti-vaxxer collective ‘Canadian Frontline Nurses.’

At Cindy’s ‘Wellness Hub,’ Samantha told the hearing that the nurse, unable to find a proper blood collection needle, poked her son’s finger for a blood sample and let it drip into a “pee bottle.”

Promising to send the sample for analysis, Samantha then said Cindy handed her another pee bottle full of Ivermectin, the alt-right miracle cure. She instructed Samantha to start giving it to her son immediately. She didn’t.

In her defence, Guptill testified she was still concerned about Samantha’s mental health, but Justice of the Peace Darlene Lamey wasn’t buying.  

“(Guptill) was aware of the death of Ms. Monaghan’s child… aware that what she was doing was causing harm… [and she] crossed the boundary into cruelty…cruel and beyond the pale.”

Lamey ruled that Guptill, who owns property in Cole Harbour but lives with Jeremy in his parents’ basement in Pictou, must refrain from contacting Monaghan and not mention her on social media for one year. 


  1. Even Mad Max has the sense to lean away from that one. It’s like he’s willing her out of the frame.

  2. Wanna know the reason why Samantha Monaghan took her son Luc to New Brunswick to see that bonkers nurse in the first place?
    Being a dyed-in-the-wool anti-vaxxer, she was petrified that doctors had further sickened her son by giving him a blood transfusion “contaminated” with the Covid vaccine.
    She had refused the transfusion at first — she even lined up willing donors of “clean” blood that matched Luc’s blood-type. But doctors insisted on either using blood from their usual channels or nothing at all.
    I’m surprised she didn’t give the poor kid the Ivermectin Nurse Ratched prescribed!
    Anon in NS

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