All Tools Review: Warren Kinsella v. Warren Kinsella!

No abortion law? Smart! Not divisive or dangerous!
Brian Mulroney, Kim Campbell, Jean Chretien, Paul Martin, Stephen Harper and — now — the aforementioned Justin Trudeau: all of them presided over Parliamentary majorities. Any one of them could have passed a new [abortion] law. They had the explicit permission of the Supremes to do so.
They didn’t, of course. Chretien was my boss, he was smart, and he didn’t want to reopen a debate that would be divisive and dangerous.
— Warren Kinsella, Toronto Sun, May 13.

No abortion law?! Cynical! Dishonest! Disgusting!
So, you ask, why is Justin Trudeau trying to scare people about abortion again, when he is the guy — he, him — who can ensure that it is never challenged again by passing a Charter-proofed law?
Because he cares more about votes than making abortion completely legal once and for all, that’s why.
It’s cynical, it’s dishonest, it’s disgusting. It’s classic Justin Trudeau, in other words.
Enough already.
— Ol’ Woodburner, same column, same policy, same two-flabby-faced gobshite.

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