“gift that keeps on giving”

The bank’s interest-rate medicine will be tougher, for longer. For Mr. Poilievre, it means inflation will be a gift that keeps on giving even as it fades away. For Prime Minister Trudeau, it means political danger.
— Campbell Clark, Globe and Mail, July 17.

Oil is the gift that keeps on giving. For Norway, that is, not Canada.
— Shaun Polczer, Western Standard, July 10.

Speaking of Davies money, it’s the gift that keeps on giving. Should he be sold by Bayern, the Caps will get around 15 per cent in a sell-on fee — which could be north of US$15 million.
—  J.J. Adams, The Province, July 7.

The gift that keeps on giving will, no doubt, yield generous consideration and curious conclusions. Algoma District’s swelling sexually transmitted infection numbers, along with such other serious health concerns as the region’s growing opioid crisis, will definitely factor in significantly when findings from Algoma Public Health’s current community health profile begin rolling in.
— Jeffrey Ougler, Sault Star, July 6.

There are hits. Then there is Call Me Maybe. Carly Rae Jepsen’s global smash single is a rare diamond-certified song, reflecting 10-million-plus sales. 604 Records head Jonathan Simkin says the tune paid for the 604 Studios’ facility and it has become a gift that keeps on giving.
— Stuart Derdeyn, Vancouver Sun, June 30.

Novelist Robyn Harding admits her “thriller writer brain” sometimes keeps her up at night.
“Yeah, it’s always on,” said Vancouver’s Harding, with a chuckle.
While that overactive imagination can lead to some groggy mornings, it can also be the gift that keeps on giving. Case in point: Harding’s new novel: The Drowning Woman.
— Dana Gee, Vancouver Sun, June 14.

It’s safe to say that Robyn Carr’s writing is the gift that keeps on giving. Following Netflix’s hugely successful adaptation of the Virgin River book series, CTV is bringing another compelling book series to life: Sullivan’s Crossing.
— Nakeisha Campbell, PureWow, June 12.

No matter how many times you visit, it is the getaway gift that keeps on giving. Everyone knows that Montreal is a great Canadian travel treat, what with its vibrant nightlife, festivals, restaurant scene, culture and history.
— Cynthia McLeod, Toronto Sun, June 5.

The prolonged and politicized focus on whether a foreign interference campaign directly led to the victory or defeat of a particular candidate is the gift that keeps on giving to authoritarian regimes
— David Salvo, Globe and Mail, May 20.

Cineplex Junxion opened its first location in Ontario, and it’s the gift that keeps giving.
— Brooke Houghton, Narcity, May 18.

WINNER (TIE): Globe and Mail (2); Vancouver Sun (2)


  1. Ooh, this sounds like FrankMag

    But it turns out it is the Canuck version of the Australian Angst Academy that created The Conversation, that Aussies could push their “science”, “sociological” and “literary” views and argiements to a vastly un-interested, possibly international, audience.

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