‘Nuff Said: Who’s the Tory trouser troll?

Tories do it with lawyers.

Hardly surprising, then, that they’ve hired labour legalist/enforcer Erin Kuzz (Sherrard Kuzz LLP), to try and immunize themselves from the sort of skeevy harassment contretemps currently afflicting the Liberals and NDP.

Kuzz, whose party credentials are thinnish – she’s only ever donated to the Liberals and worked on Martha Hall Findlay’s first unsuccessful leadership campaign – is nonetheless a recognized authority on banishing workplace plagues like harassment and unions.

Any MP who runs afoul of the new Tory sex code can no doubt be assured of excellent and disinterested legal advice in much the same vein as that enjoyed by Mike Duffy and Helena Guergis from ubiquitous party reptile Arthur Hamilton.

Better for all concerned, after all, to keep any shameful secrets in the Tory family, rather than have them splashed over the front pages as in the Andrews-Pacetti debacle.

“The fact of the matter is that I have been here for almost 20 years. I have never seen this before and I hope never to see it again,” pronounced Tory Whip John Duncan on the sordid Liberal-NDP sex scandale, Nov. 18.

No mention, of course, of persistent reports that a much-married Conservative MP was named in a staffer’s exceedingly ugly complaint last year, with the ensuing investigation involving not only the Whip’s office, but the police.

Speculation persists that Mr. X, who has so far held onto his gig as a parliamentary secretary, will be instructed to discover a sudden desire to spend more time with the family, rather than take his seamy baggage on the campaign trail in 2015.


  1. Frank probably knows, but uses the pseudonym “Mr. X.” to protect the guilty. And to avoid a lawsuit. All until more evidence is forthcoming. At which point Frank can say: “I don’t mean to say I told you so, but I told you so.”

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