Press gallery shock horror: Omar gawd, it’s Liz May!



  1. Tom Mulcair has to be loving this. First, May sends out supportive tweets re: Jian Ghomeshi when that story was breaking. Now this. She is coming off as a flake. For many progressive voters, the Greens will be an increasingly dubious choice come the election. Oh my, she must have been really blasted.

  2. Imagine if the old press gallery dinners had been in the record, MPs snorting coke in stairwells and washrooms, a print reporter running naked through the hall of honour, a future foreign affairs minister making out in the press club with an alternate party transport minister, a wire service guy, dead drunk in a tux with no jacket, flat on his ass in a snowstorm, in the middle of Wellington St., and hill cops (unless pissed themselves) playing baby sitter to weaving waves of revellers (press, political and otherwise) to prevent them from driving home smashed. Elizabeth May would have passed unnoticed.

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