If you don’t buy one album this election year, make sure it’s this one.



  1. Ah, K-Ttel. Based in Winnipeg for a time.
    from the corporate bio…
    “In the spring of 1962, I returned to Winnipeg and came to the realization that instead of demonstrating to a few people at one time, I could try television, where I would demonstrate to masses of people all at once. I made a live 5- minute T.V. commercial on a Teflon non-stick fry pan. To my surprise, sales took off at a remarkable pace. I quickly spread the T.V. advertising throughout Canada and this 5 minute commercial became the world’s first infomercial ever. (From that point, I always wrote and directed all of the K-tel commercials). Unfortunately, tephlon was a new product, and the tephlon peeled off the fry pan leaving a lot of tephlon- coated eggs. However, although this product had problems, I learned a valuable lesson… the power of T.V. advertising. I then bought some great products from a supplier named Seymour Popiel, who is the father of Ron Popiel of the company Ronco. I went on to sell these products, such as the Dial-o-matic, the Veg-o-matic and the Feather-Touch Knife, with great success through T.V. advertising.”

  2. I notice the Green Party candidate in Carleton riding is Deborah Coyne. Isn’t she Justin’s sister?

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