Justin Trudeau tub-thump at the CBC

As if the Tories needed more proof that the CBC is a nest of rabid pinko vipers, along comes Dan Lauzon to send them into hysterics.

Lauzon, director of strategic communications and planning for the Corpse, took a leave of absence from the CBC last month so he could work for the Liberals in the current election campaign.

Lauzon’s Liberal connections go way back. When he’s not pocketing a $200K-plus salary with the Corpse, he’s spinning propaganda for the Grits—as their director of communications in 2010 and for Michael Ignatieff in the 2011 federal election.

More recently, Lauzon was busy promoting Justin Trudeau the last week of August, when the Lib leader proclaimed his party’s new deal for veterans.

To get the biggest bang out of the announcement, Lauzon personally contacted his CBC colleagues at several Corpse stations to, uh, encourage them to conduct interviews with the Lib. leader.

No one is suggesting there’s a conflict of interest, nor should they. This is the same CBC that ignored Amanda Lang’s hijinks, so presumably Dan will be welcomed back to the Corpse with open arms.

Meanwhile, another communications thingy, Bill Chambers, V.P., Communications and Corporate Affairs, has called it quits after 12 years aboard the mother ship. Chambers retired Aug. 3 and left for parts unknown.

Rumour has it, however, that he’s beavering away on the election campaign for, er, Justin Trudeau’s Liberals.

Oh, dear. We hope Ezra Levant doesn’t hear about this!



  1. I, for one, am prepared to look the other way, considering that I’ve worn out three pairs of knee pads and a couple of rosaries praying that Harper will be sling-shot into the sun next month.

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