“It may take courage to say so, but photo-ops aren’t enough.”–Peter MacKay, National Post, Aug. 24, 2016.



  1. Let’s review the IQ.
    First ; dog.

    Second ; potato

    Third; Mr. Potatohead 9 the man with the Karl Heinz cash .

  2. True. It could be said that Peter has whipped out his F-35 for more than just dogs.

  3. Lets leave the innocent borrowed Bernese mountain dog, Jack, out of this.

    But you might remember our good friend Dimitri Soudas and his two borrowed pugs, just after losing his job.
    He ‘sincerely’ tweeted “Took our friends’ dogs Boo and Chester for a walk w @MPEveAdams after a long day of work.”
    — Dimitri Soudas (@D_Soudas) April 2, 2014

    • Good one! That picture of Peter Mackay was taken over 10 years ago, just after Belinda Stronach had dumped him and joined the Liberal Party and Paul Martin’s cabinet.

  4. All I can say about Mr. MacKay is that he showed how trustworthy he was when he doublecrossed David Orchard in 2003.

  5. and now (12 September 2016),
    ….”After months of speculation, the former cabinet minister and father of two released a statement on Monday saying he is taking himself out of the running for family reasons.”

    Couldn’t win, can’t win, looks like a dork if he opened his mouth in the new “Conservative Also” climate of trash talk.

    (Hmm, Gauleiter of the Northern State, of the use, like Northern Territory in Australia, might be offered by the RealDonald).

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