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  1. “Conservative leadership candidate Michael Chong called a Globe and Mail column that outlined the writer’s attempt to breastfeed one of Chong’s children — without his knowledge or consent and while she wasn’t lactating — “odd” but inconsequential.
    The column, written by Leah McLaren, was posted to the Globe’s website March 22, but it has since been removed. The Globe and Mail couldn’t be immediately reached for comment.
    “This incident happened over 10 years ago. It was odd, no doubt, but not of any real consequence,” Chong said in an emailed statement Monday.”

    Leah (Airhead) McLaren did write “Just don’t try it with a stranger’s baby in a bedroom at a party if you are 25 and stupid…”
    So she knows she is/was stupid.

    But the Tsar finds many chronology mistakes in the Globe column–mistakes or miscalculations. After all it seems Ms McLaren only has two fingers to calculate on.

    Is there a middle class spring bias against mothers of young children in our aging population? There was Kathy English, the Tsar’s Public Editor’s public scolding of Catherine Porter over handling of children when confronting a Mr. Ezra Levant in a public park.

  2. Leah McLaren nursing a tiny, gurgling Kevin O’Leary…now try getting that picture out of your head.

  3. #4 on the Washington Post most-read list today

    …”What you’re about to read are excerpts from
    a Canadian newspaper, though they may sound to
    you like the introduction to a horror story,
    or the very blackest comedy.”

  4. I think somewhere we have a metaphor for the Conservative leadership race itself – “The Empty Tit of Conservatism” sort of thing.

    But we’ll not go there.

  5. Does anyone at the Globe bother to check articles before they’re published? At this point everyone should know that once something appears on the internet, it’s forever.

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