Rebel Me! “They” Can’t Stop Us


  1. “… out back draining the spit valve on my bullhorn…” That was sheer genius – I almost damaged myself laughing.

  2. And the Mr. Levant puts out (August 14, 2017) on “ezra_levant_s_staff_memo_on_the_alt_right”

    …”When I first heard of the alt-right a year ago,
    I thought it simply meant the insurgent right,
    the politically incorrect right, the grassroots right,
    the nationalistic right, the right that was a counterweight
    to the establishment of the GOP,…” [ yadda, yadda ]

    Time for the paraphrasing of “First they came…”, a poem written by German Lutheran pastor Martin Niemöller, Mr. Ezra Levant.

    Just go away.

  3. Paula Simons: Charlottesville Nazi rally exposes danger of dog-whistle politics
    by Paula Simons, Edmonton Journal Published on: August 14, 2017

    …”(Amazingly, even Ezra Levant, the incorrigible editor of
    far-right Rebel, has suddenly realized that Nazis gonna Nazi.
    He spent Monday turning semantic cartwheels in a frantic
    effort to divorce himself from the very people his own website
    has spent months lionizing. We have reached peak irony, surely,
    when Levant is denouncing Charlottesville’s white supremacists
    more forcefully than did the U.S. president.)”… [MORE]

  4. Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer backs away from Rebel Media.
    Scheer denounces controversial site over Charlottesville coverage
    By: Ryan Tumilty, (Toronto) Metro, Published on Thu Aug 17 2017

    “Conservative leader Andrew Scheer will no longer grant interviews to Rebel media, becoming the latest politician to distance himself from the outlet.
    After being asked about the issue for three days, Scheer released a statement Thursday, saying he would no longer appear on the controversial site.” [ MORE ]

    Easy solution for Ezra, bring on the loquacious Michael Bate for some fire in the stories.

  5. What has Frank wrought!?

    Rebel Media meltdown: Faith Goldy fired as politicians, contributors distance themselves. National Post August 17, 2017 10:57 PM EDT
    ..”I was upset that she went to the Charlottesville protest despite my direction to her not to go in any capacity.”
    …Norwegian Cruise Lines bent to the pressure of U.K.-based advocacy group Hope Not Hate and cancelled The Rebel’s booking for a Caribbean voyage featuring talks by Rebel personalities, saying the views The Rebel has espoused are “inconsistent” with the cruise line’s own “core values.”

  6. Too bad Rebel Media chose to start circling the bowl when Frank was on vacation. Such a sweet vindication. And notice the name of the outfit that nixed the Hate Boat? Hope not Hate?

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