Jordan Peterson sez: “Enjoy the suffering existence of sea monkeys!”

4 comments on “Jordan Peterson sez: “Enjoy the suffering existence of sea monkeys!”
  1. Mikeonthebike says:

    And a Peterson dictionary of Z words, is that person a zed or a zet, formerly a zeb or a zoto Find out and avoid having your classroom invaded by horn blowing Ziis

  2. daveS says:

    Wow! That was a well-workedup pastiche of the back-of-comic-book adverts for “sea-monkeys” (brine shrimp) by your summer intern. Well done and meticulous. Well done.

  3. OJM says:

    **OJM’s 13 Rules for Forlorn Young Men**

    Change your underwear regularly…suppose you got hit by a car…you wouldn’t want them taking you to hospital with soiled gotchies, would you?

    If not for the scourge of feminism Scarlett Johansson definitely would have responded to your e-mails by now.

    Remember: whenever you spill your seed an angel cries.

    Take the time to enunciate every syllable you speak clearly and distinctly, no matter how annoying this makes you.

    You know how in porno movies incredibly voluptuous women are always ready to screw any guy who happens to be around? The world is actually like that.

    Grow one of those pencil-thin John Waters moustaches…girls love ‘em!

    Start each day with a self-affirmation like “Stocking shelves is good, honest work” or “It was the bitch, not me”.

    If you’re in a locker-room and there’s a black guy showering do not look at him…it’ll just make you feel worse.

    Striking up a conversation about football will help you determine whether your “date” is actually a dude.

    Even if you are living in your parents’ basement utility room make it an attractive place ladies will want to visit.

    Do not yield to the language police…a man is a “he”, a woman a “she” and everyone else an “it”.

    Think for yourself…no, no, of course not, I’m just fucking with you.

    You’re never too young to get some work done.

  4. daveS says:

    In the top 10 articles in Guardian (London) newspaper Science today
    How dangerous is Jordan B Peterson, the rightwing professor who ‘hit a hornets’ nest’? 29 June 2018