Big Ears Oogie: “I’ve Seen Some Shit, Man!”

Jian Ghomeshi
Facebook, April 2, 2019

My little furry boy turns 1 today. 

Happy Birthday, Oogie. ?

You’ve taught me a lot. 

Leading with your heart. Unconditional love.

And the captivating allure of dried liver treats. 

Ok, the first few weeks were a little frantic for an OCD dad. 

But you’re a big boy now and you’ve never stopped meaning well, and…

…you’re just so full of love. 

Most of all you’ve schooled me on patience. 

It’s been worth it. Nothing good comes too fast. 

You’re a studious pre-teen now. 

Can’t wait for your second year. 




  1. At the dog park: “You share a house with Jian Ghomeshi? THE Jian Ghomeshi? Dude, get your furry ass out of there…like now!”

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