So Farewell Then, John Baird!


9 comments on “So Farewell Then, John Baird!
  1. bubbagreat says:

    Fabulous caption, but I think they really are close – in a platonic sort of way!

  2. Steve-O says:

    Harper didn’t give Baird a glowing tribute in the House and left the House of Commons just after he hugged him. Maybe there’s something we’re not being told?

  3. miskwabiman says:

    Who’s gonna go to the ballet with Laureen now?

  4. orphancarguy says:

    Well, there’s always the surly garden gnome/Weeble (the defective one, with the severe tilt to the right) Jason Kenney.

  5. OJM says:

    He slithered from the blighted berg they call “Nepean”
    A shameless loudmouth douchebag like you’ve never seen
    Asked to do some shabby thing no gentleman could
    He’d smugly flash his shit-face grin and Johnny B. would
    Whether there’s an afterlife it’s hard to tell
    But we can still fondly hope B. goes directly to Hell.

    Go, go
    Go, Johnny, go, go
    Go, Johnny, go, go
    Go, Johnny, go, go
    Go, Johnny, go, go
    Go, go,
    Johnny be gone.

  6. Papadoc says:

    Two droids imitating human hugging and warmth, with the gruesome Leitch and Clement twins imitating something. Why is she crying?

  7. almo says:

    I don’t understand this photo. I though the point of being a conservative/reformer is that you didn’t have to have any feelings except for cash.